By M.V.Ramakrishnan

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Space Net

In the 1970s and '80s I used to write a light-hearted weekly column called Delhiberations in the  Evening News in New Delhi, reinforced by a related cartoon drawn by myself. 

My focus was mainly on the social and artistic scenario in Delhi (Old as well as New);  but quite often my attention used to wander all over India and the  world, as long as the contexts could be somehow related to Delhi.

Once  in a while I even went on an excursion into outer space, featuring a couple of cheerful spacemen called Bill Concorde and Joe Goodfellow. And the last time I drew a cartoon featuring them was around 1985, soon after which I had discontinued the column.

I am glad that today, after a quarter-century, I have an opportunity to bring Bill and Joe back to life --  so here they are, following up my comments  in Tempo Of Transformation yesterday.

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