By M.V.Ramakrishnan

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love And Live!

In a Postsript last week (Sept. 17),  I quoted a limerick I had written long ago as a young student in India. That had been an attempt to imitate Edward Lear, of course. 

It reminds me of a short poem I had composed as a college boy (one of about half a dozen).  I had just started learning French with the admirable self-instructor Teach Yourself French by Norman Scarlyn Wilson,  published by the English University Press, London.  I was trying to  get the conjugation of the verb aimer ( to love) by heart,  writing down the whole sequence repeatedly.  The present tense went as follows, of course:

tu aimes
il aime
elle aime
nous aimons
vous aimez
ils aiment
Reciting and translating this mentally again and again,  I thought it sounded rather nice, so I just wrote it down in English also --  and with a little extension I did have a lovely poem!   I don't  know if Argosy in England would have published it if I had sent it to them, because I never did.  So let me publish it myself  here today, more than 50 years later!

Conjugal conjugation 

I love
You love
He loves
She loves
We love
You love
They love

I live
You live
He lives
She lives
We live
You live
They live

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