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Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Born : Bus Baby In China, Bus-stop Baby In America!

I  knew it!  I knew it!

When sharing with you a humorous article I had written in 1971 about a baby born in a bus in Madras, India, I had mentioned (23 Feb.) that it was an isolated piece of writing which wasn't connected with anything else I have ever written, so it wouldn't start a chain reaction in this column.  At the same time, I had prudently added a proviso:  "..... unless, of course, I Google Bus Baby and see where it takes me!"  

Well, I did Google, and quickly found a couple of recent cases which materialized within a few weeks of each other in a Chinese bus and an American bus-stop.  If you have the time and energy to look further and find any other equally intriguing cases, please do post a reference here!


 Nine News Online    

 December 15, 2012

 by Martin Zavan
Woman delivers her own baby on bus
Wang Liyang, 39, was travelling on a bus in Chengdu in China's Sichuan province on Wednesday when she gave birth to a boy.

A child believed to be her three-year-old son watched the delivery in awe. . . .

Once passengers realized what had happened they came over to help, giving the mother a blanket to keep the baby warm.

Other commuters notified the bus driver who changed course and headed to a local hospital.

On the way the bus came across an ambulance which picked up Ms Liyang and took her the rest of the way to the hospital.

The mother and baby are both believed to be in good health.

Source: Digital Journal



 Nov. 10, 2012     

North Carolina Woman Delivers Baby at Bus Stop, Mom Names Baby After Her



A University of North Carolina graduate student didn't let two toddlers, a language barrier and no medical experience get in the way of stepping in to help deliver a woman's baby at a bus-stop.

Emily Brewer's day got off to an odd start when her extremely reliable babysitter didn't show up to care for Brewer's 2-year-old son, Dylan. When she couldn't get ahold of the babysitter, she decided to take Dylan to the UNC campus, where he loves listening to the chimes from the bell tower.

After the noon chimes, Brewer, 36, headed back to the bus stop with her son. "I was waiting for the bus, and while I was waiting a woman I did not know, clearly in distress, comes and gets me and asks me to go into the bus shelter where her pregnant friend is sitting in a squat position and was holding open the hem of her pants," Brewer told

She . . . . .  immediately sprang into action by calling 911. The woman, later identified as Anguilar Lopez, spoke only Spanish. Brewer does not speak Spanish but used some Italian to find out that Lopez was 38 weeks pregnant.

"I have no medical training, but I'm a mom," Brewer said.

On the 911 call, Brewer can be heard saying, "Hi, there's a woman who's going into labor right now at a bus shelter at the corner of Cameron and South Columbia," according to ABC News' Raleigh-Durham affiliate WTVD-TV.  Moments later, she told the operator, "Oh my God, the baby was just born. The baby is here. . . ."

The dispatcher gave Brewer instructions, which she followed scrupulously as her son and another child who had been with the pregnant woman and her friend sat by patiently. . . . 

[Soon] paramedics arrived and took the mother and child to the hospital. . . .

Brewer later found out that Lopez had named her little girl Emily after her.

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