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Monday, January 14, 2013

Fishing For Master Cobblers in Frankfurt And Berlin

The desperate electronic search for competent cobblers  --  apparently made by strangers or foreigners  --  in Munich (Articulations Online12 Jan. 2013) was so amusing that I took a similar look at the Frankfurt and Berlin scenarios;  and here are some more interesting discussions on the Internet: 
Toytown Germany
Cobblers, shoemakers, and shoe repair shops - Frankfurt Rhein-Main

31 Mar. 2009 -  21:54 hrs
Does anyone know of a cobbler who does more than run-of-the-mill shoe repair? I need someone who does sewing, not just fixing heels and whatnot. Got a pair of boots that are literally coming apart at the seams, and I need someone who can give them a new life.  Cheers, UltraDeb


1. Apr 2009 - 04:27 hrs

There is a Polish shoe repairer on Berger Strasse, roughly opposite Saturn. He fixed up my boots.


Purple Muffin
1 Apr. 2009 - 07:09 hrs

I go to a guy on Dahlmannstr. (just off Wittelsbachallee) and he has done sewing work on some of my boots and also fixed some of my handbags. He is great I am always very impressed with him. I'd recommend him to anybody he works wonders


Toytown Germany
Cobblers, shoemakers, and shoe repair shops - Berlin


fraulein grun
15 Dec. 2006 - 15:00 hrs

Hi there, anyone know where to repair the heels of my shoes, preferably in Mitte/Prenzlberg?  These cobblestones and uneven surfaces are a nightmare for high heeled gals.  Vielen dank!


15 Dec. 2006 - 15:05 hrs

Here's a list of Mister Minit's in Berlin.
-  Bahnhof Friedrichstraße
-  Im Hause Top-Clean, Alexanderplatz 8
-  Berlin-Carre, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13


17 Dec.2006 - 13:28 hrs

There's a shoe repair on Schwedter Strasse that I always go to. It's cheap and they do a good job. I feel your pain. I live in my heels, and I find myself having to replace the caps and smooth the soles constantly!
Some extra tips I've learned: Avoid walking on the small cobblestones. If you see smoother pavement nearby, walk on that. If you must walk on cobblestones, try to walk on your toes.
Also...  avoid wearing heels all together after snow has melted. They put sand on the sidewalks, and that sand is HELL on your shoes! In some districts they clean it up faster than others though, so use your judgment!

fraulein grun
18 Dec. 2006 - 13:15 hrs

Oh my, such a wonderfull prospect... but thanks for the tips!



18 Dec.2006 - 17:04 hrs

I'm a clog wearer and I twist my ankle almost weeky on the cobblestones. My falls seems to get more and more graceful tho - or at least that's what I tell myself.

18.Dec 2006 - 21:32 hrs

There's a great one on the Leipzigerstr. around the corner from Stadtmitte. It's a combination shoe repair and dry cleaners and the guy worked wonders with some of my boots. He is generally really friendly, but the woman who is sometimes there is a bit of a dragon. Am afraid I can't remember the name but it is next to Kaiser's.



AimeeColleen30.Mar.2009 - 11:31 hrs
Hey guys!

I need to get both heels and boots repaired here - there are some places listed above, but no address and they're from 2006. Anyone have a place they've gone to recently that does good work and is cheap? Thanks in advance!

Jon Blaze
30 Mar. 2009 - 12:19 hrs

The above link doesn't seem to work anymore, so here you go:
Mister Minit locations in Berlin


30 .Mar. 2009 - 15:52 hrs

Well, mister minit... it's the mc Donalds of shoe repair...
Here are two good ones (though not the cheapest):  [Hauptfiliale im Plaza -- MVR]
and  [Schumachermeister Stefan Poschk -- MVR]

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