By M.V.Ramakrishnan

Sunday, November 11, 2012

AOL: Adventure Online!

Exactly one year ago. on Nov. 11, 2011, I had earnestly resolved to resume this online column, from my home in Chennai on the East coast of South India -- exactly one year after I had written my previous note on Nov. 11, 2010 from my son's home in Beaverton, not far away from the West Coast of North America.  At that point of time, I had confidently hoped to set sail again on this wonderful adventure in the Great Cyberian Ocean (see 11-11-11 : Resuming AOL!).

I managed to post my next note several months later, on March 2, 2012, resolving to change my whole modus operandi for effectively resuming the column (see 2012: Re-orienting AOL).  I did manage to follow it up with another note on May 7, 2012, quoting extensively from an old favourite detective novel (see Peter Cheyney: Callaghan Cheynsmokes!). I had promised to continue that chain of quotations, but couldn't write another line till today, Nov. 11, 2012, when I am resolving once again to resume this self-imposed task of  mine. 

Mind you, I am offering no alibi or even explanation, because nothing I can say will carry conviction obviously!

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